Retiree Plan

Dear Pepco Holdings, Inc. Retiree or Surviving Spouse:

Delta Dental is pleased to offer and administer a dental plan for Pepco Holdings, Inc. retirees and
surviving spouses with benefits comparable to those offered to active employees.

Delta Dental fully manages this voluntary program, which is 100 percent retiree paid. It is
important to note that PHI is making this group dental coverage available through Delta Dental
but will have no administrative responsibilities for managing the plan. Contact Delta Dentalís
customer service directly at 800-932-0783 if you have questions about the retiree dental plan.

The retiree dental plan offers you comprehensive coverage with opportunities to save money on
your dental services. Delta Dental also has the largest network of dentists in the country, which
makes it easy for you to find a dentist who can save you money. With four out of five dentists
participating with Delta Dental, chances are your dentist is already a Delta Dental dentist.

Enroll On-line

Click here to print and mail us an application for enrollments in 2016

Benefit Highlights

 Please call Delta Dental if you have Benefit, Claims or Provider questions.  Delta Dental 800-932-0783

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